There’s no need to give someone your entire life story, or even the sound bites.

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Instead of sitting down and writing a well thought out message they send a generic email that could be sent to absolutely anyone.

While casting your net wide may eventually land you a good catch it’s more likely to leave you with an empty net.

If they’re interested they’ll ask you questions and a rapport will develop.

Don’t reveal too much too soon or you may find you’re lost for things to talk about when you do eventually meet.

People want to know that you read their profile and that something unique about them caught your attention.

Before you write a message to a match ensure that you’ve really read their profile and found something in it that you connect with.If you want a reply, write something worth replying to.Your life story A message that’s too long is unlikely to be read at all.Take some time to compose your message and avoid these common mistakes.Mailshots Some people think it’s worth sending a message to every match they receive regardless of whether they’re genuinely interested.” began making the rounds on real-life dating sites.