Between Chris [O'Neal] and Noah [Crawford] always making you laugh and Max [Schneider] always whipping out the ukulele, they're definitely really cool guys. Halston: I play a school girl who will be in the middle of all the drama. TWIST: Besides , which will be coming out in a few months, which was really fun to film.

Halston Sage is dating Zac Efron to make ex-boyfriend James Maslow jealous.

And to make his message even clearer, James even showed a little potential jealousy.

It's fun to be able to go to work, let go and be silly - she's just this whimsical girl.

I can't reveal too much, but she definitely is a part of the big secret of the movie. Actually, Victoria Justice was in that too, so that was cool since I'd worked with her before.

A friend told Star: ‘Halston is still in love with James.

She used Zac just to get his attention.’ Zac Efron and possible new girlfriend Halston Sage out at the Lakers game.

He drew shocked gasps from the audience when he admitted he didn't miss his usual partner, Cheryl Burke, but she soon got her revenge when she said: 'Drew and Witney have this grandpa / young girl relationship - cute.

Creepy, but cute.'One dancer seems a definitely safe bet - Charlie's partner on ice, Olympian Meryl Davis, who switched between the Chmerkovskiy brothers, going from her usual partner Maksim to his brother, Val, joking it was 'some incestual adultery'.

James played the role of a handsome boy in the group who wants to get out of Minnesota and become a famous pop singer in California and what he experiences to establish a foothold in Hollywood as a member of the band.

He also played the role of Kevin Mohr in a TV series titled ‘Sequestered’ which was aired online by streaming video service ‘Crackle’.

She has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 2.9 years.

Halston Sage is supposedly dating Zac Efron and we’ve got all the facts on the rumored relationship as well as the 411 on Sage.

James David Maslow is an American actor, pop singer, band member, songwriter, and You Tube personality.