We are planning on expanding nationally; however, right now enjoy at our flagship store in the Lehigh Valley mall in Whitehall, PA!

We toss them in a special frites tosser, imported from Europe, to perfectly coat them with our premium salt.

"I wish people would just decide where they wanted to eat and wait for a table." He thinks people would be just as likely to get seated in the same amount of time.

The problem, Wright explains, is that when people put their name everywhere, the restaurants can't give an accurate wait time.

For diners, the long waits have led to a new game of dining survival – call it Restaurant Roulette.

Like Quinn and her friends, people play it safe, putting their names on lists up and down Vine and nearby streets.

Please contact the restaurant directly for the scheduled closing time the day before Thanksgiving and on Christmas Eve. We do not use any genetically modified products in our kitchen, we believe in using ingredients in their natural form.

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Frites sauce is one of our more popular dipping sauces, one that we import from Europe.

The best way to describe it is a "sweet mayonnaise".

Via smart phones and digital apps, they wait for the first restaurant to call them back.