Central European cosy capital, with a Slavic soul, Alpic attitude and Mediterranean breath.

Come here with @adria_airways and #feels LOVEnia @Slovenia Info pic.twitter.com/RU09yxis Y9 Spirits to scare away the winter and increase fertility! #slovenia #travelblogger #Travel @Slovenia Info @tourism_slo @travel_slovenia @KPtuj #kurent #kurenti pic.twitter.com/Al Gj4Kmni R According to folklore, Kurents chase away winter by jumping and making noise, and they bring spring and abundance to the land.

Chef's Table, the extremely popular Netflix documentary series about the best master chefs in the world (we’re talking about three Michelin star holders and the first ten restaurants on the list of 50 best restaurants in the world), does not focus on what their featured chefs prepare, but why. Roš compensates her remoteness by promoting her restaurant, and at the same time her country, on her own initiative.

"For every sensitive person love is of key importance.

It is difficult to do good things without it, and in the kitchen love is tremendously essential. Because of love we sometimes we also cause catastrophes," is Ana Roš’s introduction to her episode in Chef's Table, while an attractive Hollywood camera films her ascent on Kolovrat.

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🌸 🎭 🌼 Visit a traditional #Kurentovanje celebration in Ptuj!

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