Or maybe you’re just proposing that ONLY you give less, so that he constantly has to win you over but never gets the security of knowing that he’s “got” you.

At this point, I’d like you to pay attention to this important nuance, as you seem to be ignoring it when you make your declaration that “nice girls finish last”. Alas, your previous relationship has led you to conclude otherwise.

Here’s your supporting evidence: You had a boyfriend for two months and were basically indifferent towards him and gave him the least you could.

Take your ego out of it, start thinking long-term, and realize that the guy you want to keep will LOVE being treated well.

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Take my latest relationship, for instance, I started “duty dating” this man and eventually we went out for 8 months.

For two months, I really wasn’t that into him, and for those two months he was very sweet to me, went out of his way to please me, compromised for the relationship and was very considerate of what was important to me.

Does it mean the saying “nice guys finish last” applies for girls as well?

Dear Tamara, I love your thought-provoking email and take great pride that readers like you have the ability to find the tiny loopholes in my dating advice.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to close that loophole right now. 🙂 So here’s my take on why “men care more about women who don’t care about them” is about the worst relationship philosophy I’ve ever heard: First of all, I don’t think that “nice guys finish last”.

As I wrote in one of my first blog entries ever, nice guys finish FIRST, as long as they have the balls to make decisions.

Maybe it’s a good idea to always be a selfish bitch! Can you see why this is an exhausting, and ultimately unsatisfying path to finding a long term relationship? Not because there aren’t hundreds of things I’d rather do. But she wants me here, so I put her needs (my presence in the house) above my own (going out and having fun with my friends).