Several players spoke publicly of their dissatisfaction with the NHL Players' Association’s leadership during the lockout, including Avery, who publicly blamed NHLPA president Bob Goodenow for wasting an entire season with a battle that alienated fans and yielded few results.Avery led the league in penalty minutes for the second consecutive season in 2005-06, with 257.

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In 2003–04, Avery played 76 games for the Kings, scoring 9 goals to go along with 19 assists. During the 2004–05 NHL lockout, Avery briefly played in the Finnish Elite League with the Lahti Pelicans, and in the United Hockey League for the Motor City Mechanics.

Along with 149 penalty minutes in just 16 games, he tallied 26 points for the Mechanics, including two hat tricks, making him the first player in Mechanics history to record two hat tricks in one season.

During his time with the Kings, Avery has been said to have mocked Dustin Brown about his lisp.

Former Kings' teammate Ian Laperrière said it "was bullying, like you might see in high school." But according to other players and coaches, Brown's lisp was not Avery's target, Brown's then girlfriend, now wife, Nicole was.

'Their personal, political or religious beliefs are not appropriately expressed at school or in the classroom.

'Instead, the appropriate and legal instructional role is one of neutral facilitator - one who facilitates student discussion and intelligent analysis of current events.'A photograph of Pappas circulated online, attracting both support and opposition.'Woodland High School people who is this teacher?

More so, I want to inflict pain and suffering to others who disrespect this flag.'Blair Mc Anelly was more sanguine: 'All lives of course matter and we all should lead by example of that,' she wrote.'I personally am not on a witch hunt for this teacher, I just feel the Homecoming rally was not the place to do it.'The response from Pappas' students and high-school-aged web users was more positive.'I respect Mrs. ' And a user named Joaquin wrote: 'I wanna bring Mrs pappas some candy and some flowers what’s her addy we gonna protest'.

Pappas for being so devoted to her beliefs,' wrote a Twitter user identified only as Liz. THAT is bravery.'Kevin Chavez wrote: 'Proud to say I was a student of Mrs. But the most impassioned response came from student Alyssa Perez, who denied claims that Pappas used up the students' class time to make the posters.'She always respects the opinions of her students, even if they went agaisnt [sic] hers,' she wrote.'She DID NOT waste class time on those posters, I am part of the club who made them and we did them at lunch and after school. 'And this was all optional, she didn't force anyone to do anything.

He is also known for his eclectic interests, having worked in fashion, most notably as an intern at Vogue magazine; as a model; and as a restaurateur.