the “Bloody Bastets”—who had sacrificed themselves to allow for a partial evacuation of the massive outpost.

As the war dragged on, “Bastet white” gradually became a symbol of rebellion.

Although the most common choice will be to leave things stock and have a dark night mode-like UI for your i Phone, you might opt for a more unique color scheme.

This bonus is available for each fleet level (Recruit, Veteran and Legendary) that you have unlocked and resets at am server time ( am CDT, am CET). Upgrade your standard steel: deck your ship in the snow-capped white of the Bastet coating for 400 GP!

After the fall of Dry Dock, the surviving PCF regiments painted their ships white in memory of their comrades of the 21st Bastat regiment—a.k.a.

It’s also one of my favorite reasons to have a jailbreak today, despite Apple’s addition of the f.lux-like Night Shift mode.

The tweak is incredibly lightweight, so it doesn’t bog your device down with unnecessary processes.

It was primarily worn to aggravate the pencil-pushers back on the Home Planets who controlled the fate of the frontline fighters; it was a silent protest against the senselessness of the continuing bloodshed.

Although nearly a century old, you can still find these shipbuilding goggles for sale in almost any outpost’s market. Java 8 has not yet landed in our standard download packages.But you can add it to your existing Eclipse Kepler package.While the tweak won’t play nicely with all third-party apps, simply because some app developers don’t follow strict app design guidelines, it does work with most of them.For apps where Eclipse does not work well, you can easily blacklist them from the tweak’s integrated application list and they will remain unaffected by Eclipse.Among those are the following: But since those aren’t available yet… Eclipse 4 is probably one of my top favorite jailbreak tweaks of all time.