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Rural villagers use firewood, but like using cow dung more.

In cities and towns, sacred cows fill the streets, defecating wherever they please.

You often see see women collecting fresh manure, packing it together with hay using both hands, then carefully sticking it against a wall to dry.

The manure largely contains grass that the sacred cows are unable to digest.

However, the dirty Ganges and Varanasi are India’s most beautiful place, lots of foreigners love it, staying for months at a time.

I lived there for a while, living like a local, swimming in the river like one of them.

Cow dung is the most eco-friendly kindling of all, and this means less trees need to be cut down.

Moreover if the manure that is produced is not removed daily, a small town would probably quickly drown in it.

I also went by train and bus to countless towns and open fields that weren’t so famous, and everywhere there were people had something in common — dirty, messy and stank.