RUSH: Now, there's a news story effervescing out there that just has the Drive-Bys so excited they can't see straight because they think they have found a Republican version of Harvey Weinstein, and he just happens to work in the White House. Her office -- I have seen it -- is right outside the Oval Office. And the media just can't get enough of this story because they finally found what they've been looking for ever since Weinstein, a high placed Republican engaging in this kind of abuse.

The book is slated to hit shelves on October 29 and will come with an audio companion featuring Limbaugh.

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On Thursday, The Huffington Post published a report profiling Limbaugh’s expansion into a new area of media: children’s book publishing.

is billed as one part in a series of “time-travel adventures with exceptional Americans” and is authored by the AM talker himself. “I’m a little sick now,” the dayside cable news anchor remarked on her Twitter account after tweeting out the news that Limbaugh would be publishing a kids’ book.

And this, to have a sexual deviant, sexual abuser as Trump's right-hand man, and he's been there all this time, and all this time he's been a sexual abuser and nobody knew and now we know.

And we know that Trump is the same kind of guy, you see how they're trying to put this all together.

From 1994 to 2006, Kagan served as a CNN primary stay and journalist situated in CNN's reality central station of Atlanta, Georgia.

She tied down CNN Live Today appeared from 10am-12pm Eastern Time for a long time.

No, back then it was just sex and it didn't have anything to do with the way he did his job and was nobody's business. Chris Cuomo talking to her about, "When did the White House know who this guy was? " BASH: This is so complicated on so many levels because we have to remind people that Rob Porter is dating Hope Hicks, who is probably the most important aide in the White House. Well, yeah, look, I mean, if I wanted to work at it I could put two and two together here, but why does it matter, what does it matter who Hillary was dating when Bill was shtooping Lewinsky? That Jake Tapper stuff is so over the top, it's just evidence they've been saving up, they've been waiting, they've been hoping, they've been praying that somebody could be portrayed as the Republican version of Harvey Weinstein or Woody Allen.

CUOMO: I don't care who is dating who is in the White House. They've been praying, they've been cursing Ronan Farrow for not going out and finding these people instead of focusing on Democrats.

And what that means is that Trump gets less Breitbart and less Info Wars and more Politico and more mainstream news.