And even though meeting people in my current area is still challenging at this point, the information I've learned on the forums has been invaluable to me for thinking through the challenges brought by being single at this time of my life. With that said, I have met a man on Stitch that I am crazy about.Found Match, e Harmony and JDate filled with younger people or men who were just looking for sex. I highly recommend this site for anyone over 50 who is looking for friendship and/or romance. It is in it's initial stages of growth, but where I live there are many people on Stitch.What I have enjoyed the most is meeting people in the discussion forums.

On the dating sites, you are forced to make a judgement about an individual and either give it a go or dismiss them and move on.

With Stitch, I feel like I can get to know someone well enough over a period of time that I might be willing to travel to meet someone.

Have not seen ANY scammers on this site as you need to be "verified" before you can participate.

One fee per month (no coins on this site as someone stated - that is on Zoosk not Stitch). It is not so much more than a dating site, it is a community.

That's not something I ever would have done on

Hi everyone, It's Andrew Dowling here, founder of the Stitch community.

I can honestly say that due to Stitch, I now have four close friends in my area. Overall, the quality of people you meet is amazing and the ability to get so much more out of a social site is beyond compare. I have tried meeting guys on other sites and often found scammers in the process.

I also have two others that are nearby, but not in the immediate area. On Stitch, that isn't something you have to worry about.

Stitch is particularly good for 50 men because the ratio appears to be about 5 women for every 1 man.