The brunette beauty hasn't given up on having a family however, as the insider said she is considering adoption or going the surrogate route.

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She promoted it herself on HSN, where it sold out in less than an hour. : I have a few on deck for vacation, Austerlitz for one. And I always read The Week and the Sunday New York Times Magazine. I work with Oceana, the marine conservancy organization. I had a torrid affair in Rome after Under the Tuscan Sun filmed.

She also made and starred in webmercials to promote Boyfriend virally and connect directly with her audience, something you might not expect from the average celebrity. They make fun of me for the perfume, but they totally support it. Warm spots are good ones—I love to snorkel and swim, and I dive occasionally. I can’t tell you with whom, but it was torrid and fantastic! I had just bought my first house and thought I’d never travel again.

But Walsh is as savvy in business as she is alluring on-screen. I saw Roman Holiday one night, thinking that was as close to Rome as I would get for a while.

She spent the summer prepping for the fifth season of Private Practice and the 2012 film I had the idea a long time ago, after a breakup. The next day my agent called about the part in Tuscan Sun. : On-screen, the adaptation of Stephen Chbosky’s coming-of-age novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Things are picking up for the 43-year-old California native, too.

Last year she launched her own beauty company with her first fragrance, Boyfriend. I also love going to Anguilla, where I recently vacationed. It’s so cosmopolitan, and the people are both cosmopolitan and warm.It’s a catch-22 when your television show or character becomes a success—it gives you the opportunity to dig deep into a character, but you’re also playing that one character for years.: Addison is a fashionista. I was in New York, and I didn’t have any time to shop between filming and doing press. It’s another art form; it’s fun, another way to express yourself. : I am obsessed with Isabel Marant and Stella Mc Cartney. alum revealed that she had a brain tumor removed back in 2015. Related: Kate Reveals Why She's Not Having Kids Apparently, back in early 2015, Miz Walsh was struggling with exhaustion and kept losing her train of thought.Kate Walsh is single again, according to a report on Wednesday.The 49-year-old actress, who co-starred in Grey's Anatomy and the spinoff Private Practice had been dating actor-producer Trevor Davis for just over a year.Cambridge, Brookline and Newton, with their high concentration of educated, high-powered women, also have high numbers of older firsttime moms.