For everyday purchases, credit cards offer the best overall fraud protection; it’s the same for some but not all debit cards.AARP Member Advantages — discounts on financial services from trusted companies » Also enroll for free account alerts offered by most banks and credit card companies, which can inform you (often in real time) whenever a transaction is made.I've got these messages a few times now and I block and report them.

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As with virus and malware protection software, you’ll typically get more features with “pay-for” versions, but there are some recommended no-cost products.

For information about other scams, sign up for the Fraud Watch Network.

Except no one uses them and if something were to get weird with a kid in say Minecraft the story doesn't change regardless of whether parental controls were there.

When so much of Nintendos bottom line relies on younger kids, I'm not going to disparage them for taking the super safe route.

And consider security software for those mini-computers that’s recommended by your carrier or manufacturer; freebies for i OS and Android systems are offered by reputable names including Mc Afee, Norton, AVG and Avast. It’s scammers, not legit business, who request a specific payment method — namely, wire transfers; i Tunes and Amazon gift cards; or reloadable cards like Money Pak, Reloadit or Vanilla.

Read: All are hard to trace, nonrefundable to the sender, and can be stealthily redeemed virtually anywhere in the world.

— AARP Money Newsletter » Also use a home printer to photocopy, on one or two sheets, the front and back of your driver’s license and other IDs, all credit and insurance cards, even your library card (yes, ID thieves have been known to run up fines with a stolen library card, which if unpaid can ding the real holder’s credit score). To stop preapproved credit card and insurance offers — a possible gold mine for mail-stealing identity thieves — call 888-567-8688, toll-free, or visit .

This way, if your wallet is lost or stolen, you’ll have immediate access to those account numbers, back-of-card security codes and contact information. Stop other so-called junk mail, delivered by the USPS or email, at

You’re much safer making photocopies from your own home printer.

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How can I trust that their intentions are true when you have these scammers out there ruining it for all of the honest lonely college girl who apparently can't find love. You also need to consider most of your average parents or grandparents buying these devices don't even know they connect to the internet.