It doesn’t represent what we are truly searching for.We decided therefore that quality matters, not quantity. That we’re not your next typical dating app is shown through our exclusive events we host around the world on a monthly basis.Meanwhile, Jet had a splashy debut that aimed to chip away at Amazon's ecommerce empire.

It works by matching a company's employees — people who likely have their own cars but want to save money by riding together — with coworkers who share similar commutes. Website: What it is: Honor matches seniors with professionals who can take care of them in their homes while giving concerned family members a way to keep track of everything.

Unlike on-demand services like Uber and Lyft that let people accept jobs right away, Honor wants its home-care professionals, who start at $15 an hour, to foster long-lasting relationships with seniors.

Stanford graduate Amanda Bradford founded The League to match up highly motivated and interesting single professionals. Funding: $2.1 million seed round from Jon Vlassopulos, IDG Ventures USA, Roman Feola, Naomi Gleit, Cowboy Ventures, XSeed Capital, Peter Kelly, Russ Siegelman, Mark Leslie, Allen De Bevoise, Sherpa Ventures, Structure Capital Website: What it is: Gogoro launched this year after working in stealth mode since 2011.

The company debuted its first product at this year's Consumer Electronics Show: a smart, plug-free electric scooter.

We're including startups that came out of stealth or opened to the public as launching this year as well.

What it is: Former Groupon exec Ben Mc Kean launched Hungryroot to turn veggies into amazing pasta dishes.

Sixty per cent of the 2,000 women surveyed by London dating app The Inner Circle admitted refusing a second date with a guy – after finding he had a lower salary than them.

However men were less concerned with cash – as 96 per cent of them told researchers they were not bothered if they female date was a bigger earning high-flyer.

The Inner Circle started in 2013 as a response to a real life problem we faced when searching for a date.

As entertaining as it can be to go through endless profiles, swiping left or right aimlessly, the reality is that the majority of profiles and matches are random and unappealing.

David Vermeulen, the founder of The Inner Circle – an invitation-only dating site – said: „The moment the bill arrives on a first date can always be a very tricky situation.