submitted 12/19/17 pm from Arizona, USA If you are going through a hip surgery, you HAVE TO supplement with vitamins, extra vitamin D, extra Calcium (citrate is better) and magnesium (glycinate better). Muskueskeletal disorders are the number 1 problem from vitamin D deficiency and 40% of the US population is deficient according to some studies - how can one recover from surgery having that deficiency?

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I suggest going to PT pre-surgery if your money/insurance situation permits it.

submitted 12/19/17 pm from Michigan I am due for FAI with torn labrum surgery in Feb 2018.

FAI was a mystery to me - a condition I never heard of any human being ever having. When I felt a hip/groin/or back pain, I generally stopped all activity until I was pain-free. Parvizi for a checkup after 6 1/2 months, he told me to push through the remaining pain and do my lunges.

I recovered to be able to run outdoor mileage again much more quickly. I spent one night in the hospital, mainly to recover from the anesthesia.

My surgeon performed osteoplasty on my femur bone making it spherical shaped.

He said there was more bone that needed to be removed than my MRI showed.Good luck on the surgery, and do the work you need to do in PT afterwards.I still manage to be active and am doing my first triathlon in April, but like the author of the site, it's a balancing act for me and there are aches and pains in my body now that I have learned to adjust to, and I have to stay active/do PT regularly or symptoms flare up.My recovery plan is NOT what my surgeon alluded to before surgery, but I do not mind. I have six weeks of complete rest, but I can walk on crutches as much as I can tolerate. I have been waking up from the pain sometimes at night. I could not imagine going through this without the support of my wife.My body was getting really fed up by my new muscle uses by this time. My hip started hurting more because I assume it was healing. Please consider temporarily moving in with someone who has a lot of patience with you if you live alone.He removed a big cyst that had formed in my right hip joint.