Notice that I didn’t say, “You make more money than him.” We’re in the modern world and we just have the face the reality that there are more and more women making higher salaries.

A guy who makes less money than you is not a problem.

He is a few years younger than her and he doesn’t make anywhere near what she makes.

But in more common situations of the guy being older than the woman, ladies, you just shouldn’t stand for this kind of junk. He doesn’t make any money because he’s finishing up his undergraduate career.

3) he doesn’t make any money, but he enjoys drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes using your money. Yet, he drinks a $40 bottle of red wine every night.

But then the answer appeared: she is older than him and she desperately wanted to have a child because she was getting to the “danger zone” of advanced maternal age.

So, she has accepted her position as being a “sugar mommy”.

For the sake of completeness, I should also tell you that he’s 35 years old, so he’s not exactly some wet-behind-the-ears kid.

I met him while he was doing an internship in Boston (far away from his home in the South), and I asked him how he could drink wine while his wife was busy working and taking care of their 1-year-old child. The problem is that her boyfriend, who comes from a relatively poor family, was studying in America with her and he made her pay for everything.

If he just compliments you when he needs money or sex, then get away from him.

That’s a relationship that’s just built on his gratification, not yours.

At the start, I’m going to say that listening to a woman tell you how to know that your man is a loser is kind of like asking a car mechanic you don’t know if there’s something wrong with your car: there’s a bit of bias in the answer you’ll hear. That’s the reason why I still have never had a cup of coffee. But there are certain lines that separate guys who are complete losers from the rest of the male population.