Actually, the rescue squad now spend more than half of their time getting tourist from the terrifying situations they seem to get themselves into while on these ventures.

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The least we can do is give it the honor of being called a horse.

We know they aren’t the largest but they are at heart and that’s what matters.

In the past few years Iceland made its way into the spotlight with the volcano eruptions, harsh financial collapse and community-driven recovery ever since.

Most recently, the country is widely associated with the hit TV series Game Of Thrones – being the home of the White Walkers, hard-to-kill creatures with magical powers related to ice and cold.

In 2014 VICE made a short documentary on their strongmen and fitness culture, labelling the country as “The Nest of Giants”.

The film indicated that children grow up by engaging in sports and all kinds of physical activities. You might have heard of a two-time Cross Fit Games champion Annie Thorisdóttir. Meridian Regional finish: 3rd Full name: Anníe Mist Þórisdóttir Height/weight: 170cm/68kg Box: Reebok Cross Fit Reykjavík Annie is the first name of Icelandic, and worldwide Crossfit. Along with two wins, Annie also has two second finishes in 20 – a year which marks her comeback after a back injury.It’s the ultimate Viking drink and we are ridiculously proud of it. I know, you probably think it’s weird that I’m even mentioning this but it’s happening quite a lot that people are doing their numbers one and two just somewhere outside.This makes for a very unpleasant surprise for the next person arriving at the spot.Iceland is full of geothermal water and we use it to heat our houses.Because of this, we pay very little money to heat our houses so there is almost no need for shoes inside.Ideas for Icelandic horse riding tours Icelanders are either strongly against it or not at all but you can never really tell forehand. We usually have a pretty strong opinion on this and it can quickly turn into an argument.