The Hall is certainly standing (I pass it every time I visit my sister, who still lives close by) and seems to be in good repair. I have letter from her to brother Thomas Oliver Tiffany written sometime in the1870's. (Kennedy name was same as Addison Harding's second wife[father of Alzada] ) I have no idea who A. By the way I have Jane Graham's maiden name as Thompson (from Beers). Trudell 1514 Elaine Court Niles Ohio 44446 330-652-1657 [email protected] Eliphaz Subject: Winslow family bible records Date: Sat, EST From: Heidi Winslow Armbruster [email protected], My ancestor Calvin Winslow,s brother John married Sally Bigelow. 9 Suzanne Lynn Bigelow Born: October 28, 1970 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY, USA Street: 12 Renouf Drive City: Rochester State or province: NY Zip or postal code: 14624 ............. However, I am only just starting on this venture and I may well be proved wrong. Baron Guy de Varrenes (or de Warena) was part of the conquering force and was married to Gudrun, sister of Guillaume, Duke of Normandy (aka William the Conqueror).There have been local government plans to renovate it for as long as I can remember, and although much work has certainly been done on the building and the small grounds it still lies within, I don't think it has actually been opened to the public as yet (I've never seen it open, anyway). I have no knowledge of anything serious of this nature, but the Hall has always suffered from minor vandalism - perhaps this was the root of this particular story. For any of your members who may wish to visit in the future, it may be possible to gain access to the Hall by arrangement. I have letter written by Thomas to his Uncle Shel - John Sheldon Tiffany. Denise see Sally (Sarah) 6 Bigelow................................................... ROD Subject: Catherine Bigelow Davis Date: Mon, EST From: Gerald S. This couple was living in Mercer (now Lawrence) County Pennsylvania. in 1820 which was formed from the original Washington/Westmoreland Counties. On the page for Sally you have the information about John Winslow was obtained from the Winslow family bible records. Griswold Date: Fri, -0800 From: [email protected](Coralee Griswold) Just in case you would like to fill in one of your holes: 15597.4. 9 Jennifer Ann Bigelow Born: December 22, 1971 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY, USA Street: 12 Renouf Drive City: Rochester State or province: NY Zip or postal code: 14624 ............. Anglicisation both of Varrennes and de Warena lead to Warren.

The best point of contact would be Manchester Town Hall, the seat of local government for the city. Thomas was at Morris Island, SC during the war when he wrote this letter. (wife was Alzada Emeline Harding), son Winfield (2nd wife ran off), Jennie, Charles and Raymond (wife Ellen Webb). 1850 census shows Thomas living with John and Minerva Tiffany. Trudell [email protected] am searching for information on Catherine Bigelow Davis born about 1796 in Western Pennsylvania, death cert of her daughter says she was born in Westmoreland County Pa.. The cabin Catherine was living in in 1860 still stands near New Castle Pa. There were a very small number of Bigelows living in Pennsylvania. Would The Bigelow Family Association have these Winslow Family Bible records? We have been trying for years to track down information about Calvin Winslow and we thought some information would be in the Bible records. Sincerely, Heidi Winslow Armbruster Winslow Family Bible records, located NSDAR Library, Washington, D. 9 Brien Bigelow Born: March 07, 1973 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY, USA Street: 12 Renouf Drive City: Rochester State or province: NY Zip or postal code: 14624 ............. So, too, does the method of raising rabbits for food as introduced by the Normans, in stone enclosures which became known as "warrens".

Try addressing a letter to the Chair of the Council, Manchester City Council, Manchester Town Hall, St Anne's Square, Manchester. Winfield went to live with John Sheldon Tiffany until Thomas remarried. 9 Bronson Jeffery Bigelow Born: September 10, 1978 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY, USA Street: 12 Renouf Drive City: Rochester State or province: NY Zip or postal code: 14624 ..... September 10 1949 - 1950 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY, USA Street: 17309 Fletchall Road City: Poolsville State or province: MD Zip or postal code: 20837 ......... Thus, warrens as historical structures and place names are common in SW England, notably on Dartmoor.

Thank you Subject: Bigelow info Date: Sun, EST From: [email protected]'m seeking info on PHILANDA BIGELOW b. Paddock [email protected] Rod: Some of the Beecher, Foote, Olmsted families lived in the Chicago area. I know my great-grandmother had at least 3 children.

My interest in the families, is their relationship to Lake Forest, IL., a suburb of Chicago. Diane Knox Organization: Colorado State University I am looking for information on my Bigelow line.

ROD I am looking for any info on my great grandfather Fred Clark Bigelow b. Chesterfield, NH 03466 Any connections to my GGGrandfather, Granville H. Well I would like to keep in touch with you, because I think it is so neat that we have the same last name.

Reynolds (b1825 in Westernport, MD), married Melvina Carroll of Uniontown, PA? Sincerley, Cynthia Bigelow (Cyndi) Subject: Betsey Bigelow Date: Sat, EDT From: Jan Olsen [email protected] for the info on Betsey and the link to your page. I am trying to prove that Edwin Phelps b- is her son. If the families can be connected it would bring your DAY lineage up to date and take mine back to1604. More: Date: 1 May 99 America/Fort_Wayne Your page is looking great.Anyway, that's about all I can dredge from my mind on the topic for now - hope you found it of interest. regards Chris Collins see Baguley Hall................................ ROD Subject: Eager & Howe Date: Wed, , -0500 From: [email protected](MRS DELORA J WOOD) I have the Howe & Eager surnames. Kathleen Bradden Born: October 26, 1951 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Married: May 17, 1980 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Street: 73 Shanly Street City: Toronto State or province: Ontario Zip or postal code: M6H-156 ............. Serfs and villeins might well have adopted the surname of their master.I live in London now but, as I said, see Baguley Hall roughly once a month when I visit my family. 9 Samuel Bigelow Born: April 23, 1985 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Street: 73 Shanly Street City: Toronto State or province: Ontario Zip or postal code: M6H-156 ............. Others, as later immigrants to Britain, adopted such Anglicised identities as suited their purpose and integration into the community. Steve Mc Laughlin [email protected], allow me to introduce myself. (John1, Samuel 2, Thomas 3, Abraham 4, Samuel 5, Andrew Craige 6, Samuel Smith 7, Abraham Lincoln 8, Dee Anne Bigelow-Beglinger 9, Elizabeth Jane Beglinger-Von Suskil 10, June A.In researching I have found some of the families attended Lake Forest University, and taught in our schools. The name is Gershom Bigelow his daughter, married John Weekes. More: I sent you an e-mail this morning before I finished search your web page.Charles and Abbie Bigelow Foote children were born in Chicago, did they continue to live here? Paddock Dear Rod Although I am neither a Bigelow nor a Baguley, I grew up in Baguley and have just found your Baguley Hall page by chance. From the Desk of Coralee Griswold [email protected] Family Genealogist see Eunice Subject: RESEARCHING THE O'BRIEN TREE! Linda L Ebersole [email protected] of Jane Eleanor O'Brien 7 Jane Eleanor O'Brien Born: June 26, 1922 in Clarkson, Monroe co, NY, Died: deceased? 17 Sept 1977 (in a nursing home in Florence, CO which is the last place I saw him in 1970); m. The other Bigelow is Thomas Bigelow, his daughter married Jonathan Weekes. I found the information I needed on Thankful Bigelow. Clarissa Beckwith __ ___ 1844 - __ ___ ____ Adelaide Beckwith __ ___ 1848 - __ ___ ____ m William H.