That same year Oscar Mayer selected her song "It Doesn't Get Better Than This" for a 2008 marketing campaign.

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The winner of four Grammy Awards, Williams has released four solo albums and four EPs since her self-titled debut in 2001.

She was half of the Civil Wars duo from 2009 until 2014.

Paul & The Broken Bones, and White produced an album for Muscle Shoals songwriter Donnie Fritts."Little by little there was a note here, a line here, a melody here that would pop into my head and drive me nuts," White said.

"I would sing it into my phone so it wouldn't be on loop."Those persistent songs became the basis for "Beulah," a romantic ode to Southern contradictions in life and love. White's breathy vocals, his literary lyrics and his acoustic pop melodies are the bones of the album.

When singer-songwriter John Paul White returned home to Alabama after the breakup of the duo Civil Wars, his mind and schedule were blissfully clear."I was creatively, or at least song-wise, just a little burnt out and I didn't hear anything in my head," White said.

"And I was OK with that."White, 44, has returned with "Beulah," his first solo record in nearly a decade, out Friday, and his first since White and singer Joy Williams officially called it quits in 2014.

Ben Tanner from the rock band Alabama Shakes and Tanner's friend Will Trapp persuaded him to join them in starting a record label called Single Lock Records in Florence, Alabama, in 2013.

The label helped launch the careers of a talented crop of young bands like St.

"It was not like riding a bike at all," White said.

"Everything felt awkward."He's keeping his new tour more low-key, with shorter trips away from home and booking small venues that allow him to interact with the fans."Like any normal human you learn from your past," White said. I will never burn the road up the way I used to."Associated Press RELATED STORIES: The Go-Go's are bidding farewell to touring Waiting on Frank Ocean's new album?

The album opens with dark folk ("Black Leaf") before moving into marshy rock ( "What's So"), celestial acoustic pop ("The Once and Future Queen"), arty indie ("Hope I Die"), sepia balladry ("I've Been Over This Before," featuring honey-voiced tour-mates The Secret Sisters) and top-shelf Americana ("The Martyr"). I typically read and watch movies and things like that for inspiration.