Our Go-Fund-Me exploded, giving us the much needed instant access to money to start our lives over. ) Our small groups at church sent gift cards for groceries, restaurants and anything else you can think of. And the people f I had to deal with was itemizing the contents of our home, specifically things that were no longer identifiable.(By the way, if you contributed to that anonymously, THANK YOU! So, I had to sift through the Florida Room, Kitchen and office to make the lists of things I could find there (and things that I knew had been therebut no longer existed).

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With individual braking for each rear wheel, Bill was able to drive the car straight with the front end in the air for the length of the track. Darts, three were stock bodied and the fourth was a funny car body.

Also, the original version of the car was powered by an injected aluminum Keith Black hemi. The Dart also had a 426 Hemi and the body was painted with red and white stripes, also becoming an instant success. DART was always a show stopper and tremendously popular. Over the next 12 years, Bill ran these cars all over the world, from the United States to Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Monte Carlo.

And that same year he also won a National Speed Record at Inyokern Calif. Hurst had designed and had built what he designated to be an exhibition “rolling research laboratory” Plymouth Barracuda, he named THE “HURST HEMI UNDER GLASS”.

The car was powered by an injected 426 Hemi coupled to a HURST 4-speed shifter with the engine resting over the rear end.

However, if you ask me right now, how am I doing, I worida Room that existed off the kitchen.

The battery explosion caused a large fire that burned through two natural gas lines, exploding the windows into my kitchen, and destroying the lower area of my home.

She and her crew took the time to ask me about items before discar. of the woodwork to help with a major garden relocation, to prevent destruction from the demo.

Now realize, I don’t have thousands of dollars in precious jewelry. I have necklaces from friends made with stones, and a gorgeous wooden necklace of a bird with her three purple eggs. Hot Wheels cars, model cars, Hess trucks, Boy Scout patches… A new friendship was made from an old acquaintance that I had no idea was so similar to me. I have all sorts of colorful dishes, small appliances, kitchen towels, etc now to help make this house feel more like ‘home’. I can hug my kids tonight, and kiss them goodnight. My challenge to you is to try to find blessings in your world. If you can open your eyes, you will see them all around you.

Before long Keith convinced him to bolt a blower on top of the engine which added to its showmanship appeal and allowed the engine not have to work as hard. It was during that time Bill met car builder George Barris. Bill put together a program in 1980 with the KNOTTS BERRY FARM Theme Park in Buena Park, CA, as a sponsor.

After the HURST Hemi Under Glass, in 1966 Bill put together a program with the Los Angeles/Orange County, CA, Dodge Dealers Association. Barris was the builder of the famed Batmobile, which he often displayed at various venues. DART to a rear engine blown Keith Black Aluminum Super Charged Hemi with a Lenco two-speed transmission, which added the distance and speed so the car could stay up on two wheels. He built a blown 426 Keith Black Hemi powered 1929 Ford panel delivery wagon, which he exhibited throughout the Pacific Northwest, West Coast, New Zealand and Australia until his retirement in 1988 which insured his place in the history books forever.

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