The aim is to prevent the addiction from doing further damage to one’s life.

Antys without sex - Cyber sex dating

Chat rooms, interactive websites, blogging and public networking forums like Facebook have inadvertently invited strangers into many bedrooms.

“Cybersex is also easier to hide and it usually doesn’t cost money.” With the internet’s coming of age, so have multiple opportunities to meet someone online and get romantically involved.

I am often faced with treating individuals and couples whose lives have been ravaged by the use of pornography and cybersex.

As a family therapist, I frequently witness the sheer pain addicted individuals and their families experience as they seek to work through the utter damage caused by these sordid elements in our society.

Overcoming a sexual addiction is not easy, but seeking help early on from a professional trained in treating this type of addiction is a powerful means of putting an end to a seemingly endless cycle of hurt, guilt, and shame that often plague the lives of those who have fallen prey to the lure of pornography and cybersex.

One must also keep in mind they don’t have to enter the recovery process alone. Out of the shadows: Understanding sexual addiction. Their desire is to be free of the damage pornography and/or cybersex have done to their lives, to move beyond the grasp of sexual addiction, and to set their lives back on a trajectory of relational and emotional health.Furthermore, they know all too well the impact sexual addiction can have on the various aspects of one’s life.“The introduction of the Internet,” she adds, “has changed the face of what had been the traditional affair.Namely, a sexual relationship between two people that happens in person with an element of physicality. Boredom, curiosity and lack of communication with a spouse —“ all these have been blamed for online affairs blooming in the first place.It is not real.” “That aspect fantasy might be why so many married people get lured into affairs online when that was not their original intent.