Patrons researching Chicago buildings can find brochures and documents on some of Chicago’s famed edifices such as the John Hancock Center and the Merchandise Mart.

Supplement 1, Series 2: Business Establishments | Supplement 2, Series 2: Business Establishments | Supplement 3, Series 2: Business Establishments | Supplement 4, Series 2: Business Establishments | Photographs, Series 2: Business Establishments This series includes a map of the famous graves at Graceland Cemetery on Chicago’s North Side.

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Jump to Supplement 1 | Supplement 2 | Supplement 3 | Supplement 4 | Photographs Materials in this series include folders containing biographical sketches of many Chicagoans.

Persons for whom there is a significant amount of information have their own folders, while those with sparse documentation are grouped together alphabetically in folders.

Researchers should be aware that the arrangement of these materials is by Township, Range, and Section Number. Material in this series relates to libraries in Chicago, public and private.

Supplement 2, Series 9: Libraries | Supplement 3, Series 9: Libraries | Photographs, Series 9: Libraries Material in this series does not fit neatly into other series as defined.

Supplement 1, Series 10: Miscellaneous | Supplement 2, Series 10: Miscellaneous | Photographs, Series 10: Miscellaneous Items in this series are arranged alphabetically by the name of the agency or, in the case of articles about some aspect of government, by author or title.

The most significant material in this series consists of items from the Chicago Plan Commission, which was developed out of Daniel Burnham’s 1909 (See Call Number NA9127. Any kind of government activity is found among materials in this series--for example, material on the Post Office, while not a municipal government body, is located here.

The focus of this collection is general Chicago history, covering the city as a whole and the communities for which there is no separate neighborhood history collection.

Materials on the Loop and Downtown areas can be found in this collection.

Supplement 2, Series 7: Hospitals | Supplement 3, Series 7: Hospitals | Supplement 4, Series 7: Hospitals | Photographs, Series 7: Hospitals Material in this series consists of title abstracts to various plots of land.

Researchers interested in this topic should also see Box 45, a computer print-out of .

To facilitate research, all photographs, regardless of accession, are listed together.