Consisted of a digest, a handbook, and a case law section, was relevant and of guidance to lawyers for the next millennium.

Themes - · Regions demarcated first in Anatolia, then in Thrace, to provide for military defense.

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Blasted as heresy in the West and later in the East, it was the form of Christianity first adopted by Goths, Vandals, Alans.

Monophysitism - · Heresy in Church, dating from 430s.

In 488, Zeno offered Theodoric the position of Master of Soldiers in Italy, in return for unseating Odovacar.

Passing through Pannonia, he acquired Rugian and Gepid troops through 489, then moved into Northern Italy, attracting Burgundians and Visigoths to the fight.

This article compares the use of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and resultant kinship formations in four Middle Eastern settings: the Sunni Muslim Arab world, the Sunni Muslim but officially 'secular' country of Turkey, Shia Muslim Iran and Jewish Israel.

This four-way comparison reveals considerable similarities, as well as stark differences, in matters of Middle Eastern kinship and assisted reproduction.

Ostrogoths - · One of the two main branches of Goths (westerners are Visigoths); subjugated by Huns around 370s, broke free in 460s, raided in Eastern Roman Danube areas from 470s.

Under Theodoric, sent West by Zeno, where they unseated Odovacar and set up a Gothic-Roman administration and state in Italy.

The permissions and restrictions on ART, often determined by religious decrees, may lead to counter-intuitive outcomes, many of which defy prevailing stereotypes about which parts of the Middle East are more 'progressive' or 'conservative'.