The lack of day-to-day continuity also makes things difficult for a spouse to find and hold a good job. Because of the steady paychecks, military members also can get credit more easily and are more likely to be targeted by creditors.Deployment can add more complications, especially if an unprepared spouse inherits all the financial responsibilities. Some military members could be afraid to seek financial help, particularly if they are involved with collection agencies, because they are fearful of jeopardizing their security clearance.

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I did a year of ROTC, realized, ‘Yes, this is what I want to do,’ and then I joined the New York Army National Guard so I could stay in New York City.” “I was still in school, so I was working full-time and doing school full-time. I did recruiting for all of Manhattan and all of New York state.

I was in charge of everything from their onboarding to getting them enlisted to their training.” “I went to basic training, then did my advanced training: I did all of that in the summer during college.

Most of the sessions are free and credit counselors can help military families get out of debt.

Counselors can provide credit solutions, tips for debt management and deliver information on: For the informed and financially prudent, there are ways to avoid any financial trouble. With that, over time, a secure future could be ensured.

Couldn’t that be applied to other areas of life, specifically debt management?

Shouldn’t a military career lead to lifetime financial security?

I was just drawn to it.” “This was 2007, so I technically joined in 2008.

It wasn’t too long after 9/11, so there was a lot going on.

Military members can be young with little financial experience — maybe no experience at setting a budget — so mistakes are made.