Why waste your precious time on a man who can’t keep a date or find the time to meet you?

Kappei Yamaguchi as Kaito Kuroba, Kaitou Kid Ayumi Fujimura as Aoko Nakamori Unsho Ishizuka as Ginzo Nakamori Koji Yada as Konosuke Jii Michie Tomizawa as Chikage Kuroba Ai Kayano as Keiko Momoi Minami Takayama as Conan Edogawa Wataru Takagi as Kamen Yaiba Kenji Nomura as Phantom Hiromi Konno as Site announcements Kazuhiro Nakaya as Nakamori's subordinate Hayato Nakata as Cop Ryo Kuratomi as Cop Orie Kimoto as Female student Yurin as Female student Ayano Kamoike as Female student Yuuna Mase as Female student That night, Kaitou Kid stands on top of the building under the full moonlight.

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Kid escapes and releases the gas to make Nakamori and the police fall asleep.

While Jii is taking Kaito back to Tropical Land, the car stopped.

He can be cavalier because any woman he’s attracted to will do.

That’s not a good thing either unless you are feeling casual as well.

In the past at Kaito Kuroba's house, Kaito is still making Konosuke Jii to spill out more secrets about his father being Kaitou Kid. Jii nervously looked at the picture of Chikage Kuroba.

Kaito thinks that could it possibly that Jii is keeping secrets for his mom?Until sudden, Nakamori appears and grabs Kid's wrists.During the movie, the monster caught Kamen Yaiba and is going to reveal Kamen Yaiba's secret identity.Kaito has no time so he decides to run and hurry back to Tropical Land before it is too late.Hundreds of passionate parents wrote to tell us how they manage to keep romance alive after kids have arrived on the scene.Aoko does not believe it so she decides to take Kaito out on a date at Tropical Land on the day of Kid's heist to prove his innocence.