When his slippery length threatened to escape, she wriggled her way down a little further to secure their connection.With one finger, The Third traced a line from the hollow of her neck, down to the curved split of her body, stopping just before the touch reached her clit.The wet, flat breath of it was sliding along that tense median line between his balls.

And then The Third would swoop the wetness forward, a curling streak of muscle moving upward, smooth and slick in a languid, fluid motion.

She could tell by the moaning of her lover that The Third was working up his shaft, getting closer to the place where their bodies met. The Third’s hot breath and wetness was spreading over them both, tonguing them where her cunt stretched in a wide, tight circle around his pulsing width.

She heard her lover groan as she slid him all the way into her, relishing the way her wet pussy made its sticky touchdown against his groin.

She let her head fall, her hair brushing against her back as her neck rolled around in pleasure. Lifting her head and opening her eyes, she saw their Third — stroking….stroking…slowly in the shadows.

Her clit was swollen and protruding above the folds of her labia. She was crying out at every motion – when her lover started trusting rhythmically inside her.

The lapping came again and she arched her upper back and cried out. Now the jab of his cock against her g-spot joined the sensation overload and she felt herself gushing around his cock.

The Third stood in front of her and she felt fingertips and breath pass lightly over her neck, her shoulders, her breasts.

She surrendered further to the backward stretch, lowering herself until she lay resting against her lover.

The tip traced the fold of her pussy on one side of his cock.