She luxuriated in the feel of an unfamiliar cheek resting against her thigh while the tongue stroked them both repeatedly. He pressed his hipbones into her and pinned her wrists down harder.

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Her clit was swollen and protruding above the folds of her labia. She was crying out at every motion – when her lover started trusting rhythmically inside her.

The lapping came again and she arched her upper back and cried out. Now the jab of his cock against her g-spot joined the sensation overload and she felt herself gushing around his cock.

As she lowered herself down onto his cock she thought: “This is the best birthday present ever.” And she didn’t mean her lover’s beautiful appendage. She’d had that far too many times to consider it a novel idea for a birthday gift. She loved this reclining position as it let her straddle him, facing forward, his only view of her being her shoulders, her spine, the curve of her ass as she drove herself down onto his spike.

You don’t look down on a package like that even if you unwrapped it every day. But it was the figure standing in the shadows that was her real present. He was lying on his back with his knees bent over the end of the mattress, his feet planted against the floor.

He dragged the palms of his hands down her arms, grasping her wrist to pin her to against the mattress.

Her legs were pressed open wide, thrown spread-eagle over her lovers.

They were exposed the two of them – all cock and cunt, onjoined and made available.

She released herself to the sensation as their Third began to lick them.

And then The Third would swoop the wetness forward, a curling streak of muscle moving upward, smooth and slick in a languid, fluid motion.