For example, a 100% Java portable Picture Label is not an SWT native Label.

updating gtk-30

As of Eclipse 3.2, Swing and AWT can be embedded in SWT on Windows, GTK and OS X.

However it is important to note that a supporting JDK is required on some platforms in order for this to work.

A related article that describes the deployment of SWT applications with JWS (but does not outline the process of packaging SWT) can be found at

A: In order for an application to use Windows XP themes, there must be a manifest file located in the same place as the executable that launches the application. The name of the manifest file must match the name of the executable.

The SWT JNI libraries are included in the SWT download.

A Java application can be informed of the location of the libraries in several ways: A: Yes.

You can determine which version(s) of GTK you have installed with A: You need to be sure that you are forcing your launch to use a 64-bit VM.

Apple ships most of their VMs with 32 and 64-bit binaries.

Make sure you read the method comment before overriding it.