But what if we told you that your house could be littered with red flags which are certain to snuff out the mood and end things for good?

From what you hang on your walls to the state of your dishes, it turns out that your home may be full of things which could put your dreamy date off you forever.

Meanwhile, some findings were less surprising, with half of us saying that there's no chance of taking things further with anyone who is still living with their parents.

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At this time, I don’t have strong enough evidence as to why that is but as many have said, a smile goes a long way.

According to women Dine users, the same applies on dating apps.

Sorry guys, but to women this comes off as too eager and super desperate. On Dine, users are at ease because at the time a match is made the first date is already coordinated, but regardless of what app your on, don’t blow it by saying something too pushy, rude or vulgar.

It will lead the woman user to thinking you have the same characteristics of a stalker. Many men get frustrated when women don’t answer them back but there could be many reasons as to why that is so snapping back with something angry or just sending a ton of messages is grounds for an unmatch.

With many men on dating apps experiencing ghosting, no reply messages or matches never leading to actual dates (or in the worst case, not getting any matches at all), there are some things men can optimize ranging from small profile edits to changes in behavior that could help lead to to more matches and essentially more first dates.

Many women users from the survey expressed that not showing any smile or emotion in pictures is a good enough reason to not pursue interest in someone.

For women users, men who leave little to no information on their profile makes it hard for them to gain trust.

Not including basic things like job, education, age, etc. If you are someone who is confident and not afraid to hide your identity, taking 2 minutes to write some information about yourself shouldn’t be too hard.

Not only did they match and have a date setup on Dine, she also confirmed that they can meet in person.