When forwarding to another on-campus number, your phone calls will route to your voice mail box if unanswered at the forwarded number.

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I’ve lived in “the big city” for all my life, and for the most part, I feel safe when I’m out for a night on the town.

But traveling alone through certain areas, especially late at night, often makes me nervous.

No app is 100% foolproof, and cannot substitute for professional first responders.

Personal safety app b Safe, a free download for both Apple i OS and Android devices, contains an incredibly wide set of personal safety features.

I’d feel a lot safer, generally, if there was someone there making the walk with me.

Thankfully, if you own a mobile device, you’re never truly alone.Note that this service is expected to be replaced by NG9-1-1 text messaging service according to the timelines included in our recent NG9-1-1 decision. Wireless phones can be important safety tools, but because they are mobile, they aren’t associated with one fixed location or address.This mobility, however, makes it harder for both service providers and callers.The location information, as determined by either GPS and/or triangulation, will be provided to the service available to emergency callers using Vo IP services.With Fixed Vo IP service, calls can only be made from a fixed address.GPS capability uses signals from satellites to determine a cellphone’s location.