Presenting herself to George, Mary Poppins calmly produces the children's restored advertisement and agrees with its requests, but promises the astonished banker she will be firm with his children.As George puzzles over the return of the advertisement, Mary hires herself and convinces him it was originally his idea.Mary Poppins is a 1964 American musical-fantasy film directed by Robert Stevenson and produced by Walt Disney, with songs written and composed by the Sherman Brothers. The film, which combines live-action and animation, stars Julie Andrews in the role of Mary Poppins who visits a dysfunctional family in London and employs her unique brand of lifestyle to improve the family's dynamic.

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She meets the children, helps them to tidy their nursery through song, before heading out for a walk in the park.

Outside they meet Bert, working as a screever; Mary uses her magic to transport the group into one of the drawings.

Afterwards, he directly addresses the audience and gives them a tour of Cherry Tree Lane, stopping outside the home of the Banks family.

George Banks returns home from his job to learn from his wife Winifred that Katie Nanna has left their service after Jane and Michael ran away again.

Instead, Mary inverts his attempt by convincing him to take the children to the bank for a day. Michael demands it back, causing other customers to misinterpret and all demand their own money back, causing a bank run.

George takes Jane and Michael to the bank, where they meet Mr. Jane and Michael flee the bank, getting lost in the East End until they run into Bert, now working as a chimney sweep, who escorts the children home.

With her work done, Mary flies away, with Bert bidding her farewell, telling her not to stay away too long as the film ends.

The first book in the Mary Poppins book series was the film's main basis.

George walks through London to the bank, where he is given a humiliating cashiering and is dismissed.