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Other adaptations to this lifestyle include small sensory antennae and eyes; a very heavily thickened and calcified cuticle for protection; and sharply curved hooks on the ends of the pereopods which allows these parasites to attach to the host. Some of these parasitic cymothoids have been reported to parasitise the same host fish species for over 100 years, showing this species specificity.

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Rough power grabs with fumbling fingers all over the place." It's hot. , the brainchild of a team of sex workers who unpacked the graphic details of their trade in a series of two-way interviews.

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In today's post I want to share with you awesome tips how to dress like a French woman.

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I tend to agree with Claudia Goldin, who is an economist at Harvard.

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She broke the kiss, looked into my eyes, and suggested that we might get to dinner later…much later.

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Women who find themselves in this kind of relationship usually feel trapped and unable to leave their husbands or partners for a number of different reasons, one recurring reason is that the couple have children together.